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The Camino Portugues route is the traditional Camino de Santiago path taken by pilgrims travelling from Portugal since the Middle Ages. While this Camino trail starts in Portugal’s stunning capital Lisbon, colourful Porto in the North of the country has become a very popular starting point for pilgrims.

King Sancho II in the 13th century, Queen Isabel in the 14th century and King Manuel I in the 16th century are some of the many high profile pilgrims that have walked the Camino Portugues over the centuries, contributing to the popularity of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela from Portugal.

It takes approximately five weeks to walk all the way from Lisbon, which is 600kms away; two weeks to walk the Camino Portugues from Porto, approximately 240kms away; and one week to walk the last stretch of the route from Tui, a beautiful historic town on the banks of the Minho River, the natural border between Galicia and Portugal.

From a gastronomic point of view, you will get to taste the traditional foodie delights of Northern Portugal and Galicia: from Port and Albariño wine to Portugal’s famed cod fish ‘bacalhau’ and ‘pasteis de nata’, Padron’s peppers and so many other delicious regional fish and meat specialities.

The Camino Portugues is a great route if you are looking to experience the Camino de Santiago trail across Portugal and Galicia, getting a taste for both countries. Quiet forest tracks, wonderful Romanesque heritage and lovely historic towns and cities such as Porto, Barcelos, Valenca, Tui and Pontevedra are some of the highlights that make this route special for pilgrims.

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Suggested Tours


There are many wonderful things to do, see and taste on the Camino Portugues route, these are some of our top suggestions:

  • Get to know pilgrims from all over the world
  • Enjoy the views as you walk the beautiful countryside in Portugal and Galicia
  • Taste traditional food such as ‘bacallhau’ salt cod and delicious ‘pasteis de nata’ custard tarts
  • Explore wonderful historic towns and cities
  • Cross the international bridge over the Minho River
  • Get your Compostela pilgrim certificate and explore Santiago de Compostela!

Find more travel inspiration, read our latest articles about the Camino de Santiago and travel tips for your Camino Portugues adventure on our TRAVEL BLOG.


The Camino Portugues route is currently the second most popular for Camino pilgrims, according to figures from the Pilgrims Office in Santiago. At JWT we have a couple of fantastic options for your self guided Camino tour:

  • A week-long walk from Tui, so you can walk the last 100kms of the route and claim your Compostela certificate in Santiago
  • A 2-week long adventure walking all the way from Porto to Santiago.

If you would like to start your walk from a different point along this Camino de Santiago route, talk to our travel experts about your Camino trip idea and we will be delighted to assist and help you plan and organise the perfect journey.

Our self-guided Camino tours are totally flexible, which means you can start and finish at any point of the route and adapt your trip to the days you have available to complete the walk. We can add rest days and extra nights so you have time to explore some of the most wonderful towns and cities along the way.  Talk to our travel team today.

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